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    6 days ago
    Thanks Jaime! The OWS technician team is awesome.... they know not just ozone generators although everything surrounding. The entire system and how everything works together as one.... just like OWS.
    2 weeks ago
    Yes, we have ozone ready to deliver to you. Monthly basis and our service team can even show up and get it running for you.
    2 weeks ago
    Hey that is me! Passion of ozone means many things....and changing media in a destruct.... When needed.... It is all Passion....
    3 weeks ago
    So my first introduction to Ozone was from our towels that were dried outside..the good ole’ days. A wonderful author below who has passed although I saw this in today’s paper and wanted to share. Yes. ozone smells good!
    4 weeks ago
    Ozone and the Uniform Fire Code (UFC)...ozone gas transport needs to be through welded stainless steel pipe OR double contained tubing with a blowered destruct system. Excellent examples below. OWS is ready to help you comply. Safety and Ozone done rig…
    1 month ago
    AWWA 2018 coming to a close. Great show and thank you Jim and Jen for all the support. I am proud to represent IOA and look forward to our ozone conference in Vegas, August 20 - 23rd!

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