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    3 days ago
    8 years ago Purfresh was acquired by OWS. We have and will support the 6000 series for years to come. The great news is we are working on an amazing new Purfresh product to bring this product into 2018! Stay tuned...
    1 month ago
    On my way to the Aquarium Workshop show in Buffalo, NY. Ozone has been used in aquariums here in the US since 1972. A true sustainable value for aquariums and water features! I am proud to have helped in this evolution. See you all soon!
    2 months ago
    7 years later and still running. Reid Park Zoo here, Tucson, AZ Hippo Exhibit. Lots of equipment improvements since 2011 although Quality, Pure and Simple. Will report back in another 7 years...
    3 months ago
    This one is off to Finland! OWS is proud to continue supporting the Novazone/Purfresh product line. This ozone unit uses electronic chips that are used in spacecraft to help cool on re-entry back to earth...pretty awesome technology.
    3 months ago
    A great venue and an excellent list of speakers! Ozone usage in the dental field and eventually medical field here in the U.S. will emerge and hopefully sustain, with continued research and conferences like this. Great Job Peter!
    3 months ago
    After years of effort OWS has our own Wet Tap Unit - installed and running! Need to measure water parameters (orp, pH, salinity, ozone, etc) and can’t afford to shut the water line down? This is the fix.

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