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    4 days ago
    Here now and ready for some OZONE! Every passionate ozone gal or guy....see you soon...
    6 days ago
    Safety, safety.. the basis for an ozone system. Of all my dealings with safety the folks in Canada are the most strict and I admire their standards and applaud their efforts. I am proud of our monitor... a reliable, cost effective solution with a sens…
    2 weeks ago
    This one was a container project. No ozone although complete control package for a groundwater remediation site... metering pumps, double containment chemical storage and yes OWS for start up services and training.
    4 weeks ago
    Ozone is simple... it is the way it is packaged, engineered, integrated, and protected that makes it a sustainable solution for years to come. Great job OWS.
    1 month ago
    Thanks Jaime! The OWS technician team is awesome.... they know not just ozone generators although everything surrounding. The entire system and how everything works together as one.... just like OWS.
    1 month ago
    Yes, we have ozone ready to deliver to you. Monthly basis and our service team can even show up and get it running for you.

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