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    7 days ago
    Yes, we have ozone ready to deliver to you. Monthly basis and our service team can even show up and get it running for you.
    1 week ago
    Hey that is me! Passion of ozone means many things....and changing media in a destruct.... When needed.... It is all Passion....
    3 weeks ago
    So my first introduction to Ozone was from our towels that were dried outside..the good ole’ days. A wonderful author below who has passed although I saw this in today’s paper and wanted to share. Yes. ozone smells good!
    3 weeks ago
    Ozone and the Uniform Fire Code (UFC)...ozone gas transport needs to be through welded stainless steel pipe OR double contained tubing with a blowered destruct system. Excellent examples below. OWS is ready to help you comply. Safety and Ozone done rig…
    1 month ago
    AWWA 2018 coming to a close. Great show and thank you Jim and Jen for all the support. I am proud to represent IOA and look forward to our ozone conference in Vegas, August 20 - 23rd!
    1 month ago
    Yes! Please stop by and say hello! We are giving out a free IOA membership (via drawing) for the remainder of 2018! If you can’t make it to Vegas email or call me and I will add your name to the daily drawing!

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