Ozone New Years!

Ozone New Years!

Happy New Year!  We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season.  It is nice to slow down some during the holiday season although we are ready to get back into the support of our valued customers.

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What is new with ozone lately? 

First off… I am proud to say it is my 15th year working at OWS!  I started back in 2002 on January 1st.  15 years later I got on my bike and peddled to work.  20 Miles roundtrip… uphill both ways…no snow although was cold… like 60 F!


Other great news… we have expanded and moved into a new building in Sunnyvale.  The facility is over 4000 square feet and doubles our prior facility.  OWS now resides in nearly 30,000 square feet of office space.  We have also added a couple new employees the end of last year (Welcome Scott and Tim!).

3350 Scott Boulevard # 52, Santa Clara, CA! OWS new Facility.

OWS has much in store this year for ozone.  We have projects throughout the US as well as International projects that will be started up this year.  Australia, Indonesia, Germany, China, and of course our continued growth here in the U.S!  Stay tuned for additional news on these once started.

We have expanded our abilities with our UL control shop and offering complete control systems for a variety of different industries.  It is exciting to see the quality and desire for continued growth allowing this to grow for OWS!

Santa did find us late last year and we  celbrated with a Holiday Party in late December.  We had families, food, and many festivites for all…  Thank you all for coming.  Thank everyone for the St. Mary’s Food Bank Food Drive as well.  OWS was able to fill up multiple boxes and contribute these to this charity.


Below is our wonderful team of people making this great for you!


Upcoming exciting news from OWS is our new ozone generator series.  We will be announcing this with a new product bulletin that will describe all the many things we have done to improve our product offering.  Stay tuned for this!  While most ozone suppliers remove many of the bells and whistles we only offer ours with everything.  Like it was 20 years ago.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2016.  We are excited about 2017 and greatly appreciate your loyalty and commitment to our family.  We consider you one of us.

Thank you,