Keeping the exhibits for marine life which you see at, aquariums and theme parks, both beautiful and healthy presents a unique challenge. Organic and inorganic contaminants can accumulate very rapidly posing a danger to the animals and detracting from the appearance of the exhibit.

Marine exhibits have such a large volume of water flowing within their systems that a flow-through system continually replaced with clean municipal water is not economical or practical. Therefore, exhibit waters must be continually recycled through a life support system (LSS) to protect the animals in the exhibit and maintain adequate water quality.

Because it is such a strong oxidant Ozone not only produces extremely clear water, it also ensures that water quality parameters are within the desired range by oxidizing organics, controlling bacteria and minimizing or eliminating chloramine formation. Ozone has had a role in aquarium water treatment since the 1960’s and is now the disinfectant of choice for aquarium facilities.

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Ozone FAQs

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