The traditional laundry process uses hot water to provide terminal disinfection and aid in chemical activation. This process uses so much alkali and hot water that the wash water becomes very caustic and damaging to your valuable linens. Today many facilities have turned to ozone as a way to achieve high quality results from the laundering process without the excessive use of hot water and chemicals. This fundamental change to one of the major aspects of textile washing comes with many benefits that serve to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Ozone is an unstable molecule that is a proven disinfectant and extremely powerful oxidant. As an oxidizer, like chlorine-bleach, ozone opens and relaxes linen fibers to pull soils from the linen. Unlike chemical cleaners, ozone does not damage or degrade linens. Heat energy causes ozone to break down much more rapidly so the colder that the wash water is, the more stable the ozone molecule becomes and the longer it lasts. Ozone works so much better than chemicals that you can actually reduce the amount of chemicals and water that are used still achieve cleaning and brightening equal to or greater than you would by using chlorine and hot water. This means that the overwhelming majority of your volume of linen can be processed with vastly less energy and chemicals while still producing a superior finished product. Ozone will immediately reduce your washing expenses by shortening wash cycles, reducing of energy consumption and extending linen life.

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