The number one concern of pool and spa owners is safety – but it is also important to enjoy the experience, so chemical byproducts that leave the water feeling and smelling unpleasant are a problem. For many years, chlorine or bromine based chemicals have been the standard for swimming water treatment and have produced reasonably good results. Not only do traditional chemical sanitation methods force pool and spa owners to face the daunting challenge of learning how the primary sanitizer, balancers, sunlight, and various compensation additives combine to keep water clean, chlorine and other harsh chemicals can keep a pool or spa from being all that it can be. Chemicals dry the skin, burn the eyes, nose and throat, and research has shown that chemicals have associated health consequences from the formation of reaction byproducts.

Ozone is becoming increasingly popular as the principal water purifier for both pools and spas because it is powerful oxidant of contaminants in water. In fact, ozone does almost everything chlorine does, and everything it does do, it does better. Ozone oxidizes bacteria, viruses and typical pool and spa contaminants such as soap, deodorant, hair spray, cologne, makeup, perfume, body lotion, hand cream, sun tan lotion, saliva, and urine. Ozone will not only break down harmful chemicals, it will also cause dissolved solids to clump together for easier removal by the filter. Ozone cleans the water without leaving chemical tastes or bad smells, and it won’t irritate your skin, eyes, nose or ears like chlorine can. While chlorine affects pH and water chemistry, ozone does not. The result is water that is cleaner, clearer, and smoother feeling to the skin.

  • Ozone promotes clearer, cleaner water
  • Ozone provides superior oxidation
  • Ozone produces no residue or chemical by-products
  • Ozone is pH neutral
  • Ozone reduces the need for high chemical doses
  • Ozone oxidizes water-borne contaminants
  • Ozone reduces odor and chloramines
  • Ozone reduces maintenance time & cost
  • Ozone is the most natural and effective way to purify

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