Ozone as an oxidizing agent is 1.5 times stronger than chlorine and is effective over a much wider spectrum of microorganisms than chlorine and other disinfectants. Ozone controls a wide variety of common food pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, E-coli, Fecal Coliform, Listeria, and numerous other harmful food pathogens. Because it is free of chemical residues, ozone is considered to be the safest and most natural purification and disinfectant agent for fresh produce and water treatment used in food processing. No bacteria or viruses can ever become resistant to ozone.

Untreated water often contains harmful micro-organisms that can cause cross-contamination of the product either before or during the processing cycle. Ozone treatment provides direct quality improvements to fruits & vegetables, which have proven to dramatically reduce returns to the grower in addition to reducing the reliance on caustic and expensive chemicals. Additionally ozone can destroy chlorine byproducts, pesticides, and toxic organic compounds in the process water without leaving toxic residues on the produce. Ozone produce wash systems have been installed and validated in a wide variety of fruit & vegetable packing/wash, cold storage, and distribution facilities; repeatedly demonstrating improved product storage, reduced spoilage and increased shelf life at retail grocery centers.

Ozonated water offers the following advantages over traditional chlorine based sanitizers:

  • Ozone eliminates surface bacteria & mold
  • The disinfectant effect of ozone is not dependent on the pH level of the water
  • Ozone promotes superior product quality while decreasing costly product returns
  • Ozone will leave no residue on the produce that may affect taste or reduce shelf life
  • Ozone is generated as required and therefore needs no special storage
  • Ozone has no ongoing chemical purchase or disposal costs
  • Ozone leaves no residue which makes water reuse simply a matter of filtration
  • USDA & FDA approved. National Organic Program (NOP) allowed
  • The use of ozonated water in rinse or wash systems will
  • Experience a rapid return on your investment

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