OWS Holiday Greetings


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What is new with ozone lately?

The past couple of months I have been into China and Southern Asia. Some of the ozone I have come across is shown below. Prices were in Hong Kong Dollars and they range from $ 75 USD to $ 130 USD. They are not sold as “ozone generators” although sold as water purifiers.

Ozone sink tap units.

Ozone sink tap units.

We do have these here in the US although they are difficult to sell as ozone unit as well. They are pretty incredible in that they don’t require power. They simply use the water pressure to drive a small motor and then make ozone gas. This gas is drawn in from an injector integral to the faucet. A flip of the level allows tap water or ozone water selection. Clever. We actually worked with the patent holder on these to develop a larger unit for smaller hot tubs and pools. No electricity required although water pressure.


This unit offers various levels of alkaline water for drinking, rice cooking, new user, etc.

The larger market I found in Asia has been the Alkaline Water Market. The price tag on this is $ 550 USD.

Recent events at OWS include out soon to be family Christmas party. We also did an outing at Top Golf in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Fun was had by everyone who attended.

And yes… three were winners…


Shane Christopherson, Luis Castro, and Patrick McGhee

Other fun stuff some of use were able to do was a recent trip into China. Nader and I were able to take a hike on the island of Lantau (Hong Kong). A strenuous 2 hour hike up the mountain to the Budha.


Nader taking the trail up.


John and Nader make it to the Buddha!

We continue to be busy with ozone movement. The end of the year seems to be getting busy and we expect 2017 to be even busier. We appreciate all of our customers and look forward to helping with any ozone projects that come about.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.