Ozone May Days…

Amazingly May will soon be upon us. It seems we just got into 2017.
Ozone always has something great going on….


OWS is proud to bring the IOA newsletter into the video marketing age. The image below is our advertisement currently running in the recent IOA publication “Ozone News”. You can click the image here to watch the video on how ozone is being used to clean the Hippo exhibit at Cincinnati Zoo!

The full flipbook can be viewed on the IOA-PAG website at http://www.ioa-pag.org/publications/ozone-news-flipbook/. Also don’t forget to register for the upcoming WORLD Conference. Three full days of ozone presentations as well as facility tours, workshops, and vendors from all over the world convening under one room. Make sure to visit the IOA site to get plans in motion! http://www.ioa-pag.org/world-congress-washington-dc-2017/.


It is awesome to see the size of units leaving our shipping dock. Below is a 90 lb/day complete ozone skid with sanitary injection pump, injector and everything but the kitchen sink below. Excellent work OWS! The application is sanitization/disinfection and treating water flows up to 2,500 gallons per minute.

Front Ozone Control Side, Single Point Power Drop!

Duplex Ozone Generators on the back for Redundancy and Reliability!

Quality Pure and Simple…


Option 1 (300 lbs/day @ 12% wt):
One of our good customers is in no further need of their dual Wedeco PDS-500 ozone units. Rating on these is 300 lbs/day @ 12% wt. They are in great shape and looking for a new home. If anyone is interested please contact me and I can make the introduction.

Option 2 (50 lbs/day @ 2 % wt):
Wedeco HT-50. Unit makes 50 lbs/day @ 2% on air, or 120 lbs/day @ 3% on oxygen. OWS can also help with start up and training if desired. Another unit slightly used ready for a new home. If interested contact me and I can make the owner introduction.

The ozone generator is ready to go, includes:

a NEW 15 hp Kaeser compressor(460 V 3 Ф)
200 gallon receiver with autodrain valve(115 V)
Puregas heatless air dryer, mounted on skid
Ambient ozone monitor, mounted on skid
Dew Point monitor, mounted on skid
2B Tech ozone concentration monitor(medium conc), mounted on skid


Picture of Jose Uribe (OWS Manufacturing/Welding) with the fish that he caught a couple weeks ago here in at a local Phoenix lake. Catch and release of course. The bass weighed 5 pounds and 1 ounce.

Nice Catch Jose!

And his Day Job… his true Passion!

We are always here to assist with anything and everything. Thank you all for allowing us to assist and giving us the opportunity.