New Equipment

Purchasing new ozone equipment can be a confusing and stressful process. The good news, our team at Ozone Water Systems has many years of ozone process experience. Attention to detail from our engineering staff and post purchase follow up assures a total solution to meet your specifications at the best possible price. Here are just a few examples of high quality OWS systems that are being used by our customers all over the world.

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Refurbished Equipment

Ozone oxidizes both organic and inorganic substances in water; removes unwanted taste, odor and color; and provides effective disinfection. Ozone is extremely effective at destroying bacteria, fungi and viruses, killing even chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium. It is also used for oxidation and removal of heavy metals such as iron and manganese. Another benefit of ozone purification is that it will not lead to the formation of trihalomethanes (THMs), which are formed when chlorine is added to raw water containing humic materials. Once a THM is formed, it is difficult to oxidize, even with ozone.

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Rental Equipment

If you have a temporary or one time need, or if you want to evaluate a system prior to purchasing, renting is a great option. Ozone Water Systems has several different turnkey systems, as well as smaller components, available for rent. Here are just a few of the rental pieces available if you need them.

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Ozone Water Systems was founded with the initial purpose of servicing ozone generation equipment. We are factory trained to service a multitude of ozone equipment types from such companies as: Ozonia, Osmonics, PCI Wedeco, Pacific Ozone Tech, Hankin Ozone, Del Industries, and Clearwater Tech. We offer on-site service and training for your systems, by some of the industries most highly regarded, OEM trained, field service technicians.

Your ozone generation related equipment benefit from regular inspections and tuning. OWS provides Preventative Maintenance programs (available in either monthly, quarterly or annual service schedules) that keep your ozone equipment performing at peak levels through the regular inspection and maintenance of your ozone equipment. To date, we have over 50 monthly service accounts and strive on maintaining responsive relations with each account.

If the worst does happen, OWS can provide on-site diagnostic and repair services. One of our many highly qualified service technicians will travel to your facility site and ensure that your ozone production is back online as quickly as possible. You can reach our service department by phone at (480) 421-2400 or by email at