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    1 day ago
    This one is UL listed, Uniform Fire Code compliant, and Air Conditioned! It has numerous interior safety devices as well from internal ambient ozone monitor, oxygen feed gas analyzer and Ethernet capable....
    5 days ago
    OWS and Ozone brought to United Arab Emirates... Zoo/Aquarium life support installation. Nice installation...
    2 weeks ago
    This is what dissolved ozone will do to the insides of a fiberglass contact tank. The resin liner is eaten away with ozone (or residual oxidants if salt water) and the fiberglass fines end up in the exhibit. Inspection of any ozone contact tank should be…
    4 weeks ago
    Wonderful Raj....yes- you like OWS have the vision of engineering a solution and not a product. Creating sustainability in ozone applications is our passion and mission! I commend you for your achievement!
    1 month ago
    Here now and ready for some OZONE! Every passionate ozone gal or guy....see you soon...
    1 month ago
    Safety, safety.. the basis for an ozone system. Of all my dealings with safety the folks in Canada are the most strict and I admire their standards and applaud their efforts. I am proud of our monitor... a reliable, cost effective solution with a sens…

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